Why We Do Physician Mortgages

Posted on Feb 5, 2018 | New Home Loans

Physician Home Loans at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

About a year after we started serving physicians and dentists, I received a phone call from a particularly disturbed young man who was making his way across the country with his young family and a couple of kids, as I recall. He had received a phone call from his loan officer. As he was packed up in the U-Haul, making the move, anticipating the close on his new home the very next day, his loan officer informed him that, unfortunately, the loan had made its way to the underwriter and those deferred student loans with a zero payment had become an issue that the loan officer didn’t anticipate, and unfortunately, his loan had been declined. There he was, with the U-Haul packed, planning to close and move in over the weekend before he started his orientation and residency the very next coming weeks, and he was obviously in a state of panic.

When I took the call, we immediately diagnosed the problem and figured a solution for him. Within about a week and a half to two weeks as I recall, we had him in the home. The story had a happy ending. But that story, that young man’s call, was really the catalyst for our group to expand. What began with us serving just a few physicians in Salt Lake City, Utah, now has expanded to we serve physicians, dentists, CRNAs, physician assistants, DPT, all kinds of medical professionals in 50 states. What that young man had really helped us understand was we exist to treat people the way we would want to be treated if our roles were reversed.

So, we’ve created our systems and our processes to virtually eliminate the chance of something like that happening. Our aim is to humanize the mortgage experience and we’d be honored to have the opportunity to help you and your family into your next home.

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